The KINGPINS have arrived!

The moment you have all been waiting for…

One of the biggest names in Blunt Wraps has finally come out with an all-natural (Tobacco Free) Hemp Wrap. These moist and tasty wraps come in 6 different mouth-watering flavours that will surely be an explosion for your taste buds. Flavours include:

  • Goomba Grap
  • Laid Back
  • Orignal G
  • Blueberry Bomb
  • Spanish Fly
  • Mango Tango

Every Kingpin Hemp Wrap is made with Perfect Fold Technology to make for a smooth even roll-up every time, and a natural gum line to create an air-tight seal and insure a clean even burn. Also, every pack comes in a reseal-able ziplock package to keep your wraps fresh and juicy.

There can only be one King.

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