The KINGPINS have arrived!

The moment you have all been waiting for…

One of the bigest names in Blunt Wraps have finaly come out with an all natural (Tobacco Free) Hemp Wrap. These moist and tasty wraps come in 6 different mouth watering flavours that will surely be an explosion for your taste buds. Flavours include:

  • Goomba Grap
  • Laid Back
  • Orignal G
  • Blueberry Bomb
  • Spanish Fly
  • Mango Tango

Every Kingpin Hemp Wrap is made with Perfect Fold Technology to make for a smooth even roll-up everytime, and a natural gumline to create a air tight seal and insure a clean even burn. Also every pack come in a reseal able ziplock package to keep your wraps fresh and juicy.

There can only be one King.

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