Recipe: Super Potent Weed Butter!!!

Everyone loves the great taste and calming feeling of edibles. In fact, you can’t even walk into a dispensary or go on to cannabis social media without seeing trays and trays of delicious Hash Brownies or Weed Cookies. But behind all of those tasty creations is a killer recipe for Weed Butter.

Making your very first batch of butter can be a very intimidating thing, especially with all the different methods and gadgets you can buy. So many problems can arise if you do not make it properly. Things like a scalded product or a weak potency butter can cost you not only valuable time but quite a bit of money and sanity along the way trying to get it just right. But we are here to put your stressed-out mind at ease.

Making your own batch of butter does not have to be a headache, in fact, it actually very fun and quite easy. With this proven recipe, you can make your very own high-quality Pot Butter right at home in your kitchen. Better yet, invite your friends over to help and make a party of it. More hands make for less work after all.

For this recipe you will need :

  • 1 lb of Unsalted Butter
  • 2 oz of Ground Up Dry Herb
  • Cheese Cloth (Can be found at most grocery stores)
  • 1 Medium Saucepan
  • 1 Medium Tupperware Container

Cooking Instructions:

Grind your weed! – Not too fine though, if you turn it into dust there is a chance that tiny pieces can seep through your cloth and end up in your butter, that is what will give your baking products that burnt leaf taste.


  1. Now it’s time to melt your butter – Set your stove on low, you don’t want to boil your butter, just a nice low simmer will do. Once all the butter has melted and you start to see a white froth-like substance at the top, you know it’s time to start adding your herb.
  2. Now is the extraction part of the process – Once you have added all of your ground-up weed into your melted butter, you are going to want to give it a good stir and make sure every square millimetre of your dry herb is coated in the melted butter. Now that everything is soaked through nicely you are going to want to let it simmer for 45-60min to let the butter and heat do its job, stirring regularly. All of this process should be done over very low heat.
  3. Now that you have stewed your cannabis in the butter for the appropriate amount of time, it’s time to strain out your delicious savory weed butter. Now you are going to take your Cheese Cloth and layer it 2-3 times to create a tight net. Remember, you don’t want any specs of flakes of your weed getting through the cloth. Once you have layered your Cheese Cloth, spread it over top of a glass Tupperware container. Use a band or tape or any kind of string to tie a tight seal around the Tupperware.
  4. Once the prep for the staining is all done you can now slowly start to pour your butter over the cheesecloth. Once you have emptied the pot and have given it mulch and few minutes to stain by itself and cool down a little bit, you can now grab the cloth and wrap it around the pile of weed mulch and start squeezing out what butter will still drain out. (Please use gloves or tongs to squeeze the remainder out as the mulch will still be very hot)
  5. Now it’s a matter of patience – Once you have successfully strained out all of the liquid butter from your ground-up weed mulch, place a lid on your butter and set it in the fridge. It should harden up in about 30-40min and will be ready for baking!

Now, remember how simple we said making your own weed butter is? Well, we weren’t lying. The great thing about this simple method is you can change the formula to suit your taste. In this recipe, we recommend using 2oz of dry herb, but for some people, it might a little bit too much. You can always adjust the recipe by adding less cannabis, it will give you more mild end results and help you space out your weed.

Also for those of you who do enjoy a stronger weed taste in their weed butter, you can also try switching to salted butter instead. Salt has a natural tendency to draw water and moisture out of things. This will “Re-salt” in a much more powerful weed taste in your final product.

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