RAW Organic Artesano King Size Slim Pack

Brand: Raw


  • King Size Slim
  • Tips Included
  • Built In Rolling Tray
  • 32 Sheets/Pack
  • Organic Hemp Papers
  • Chlorine Free



RAW Organic Artesano Packs are a great All-In-One setup. Comes fully stocked with 32 King Sized Slim rolling papers, pre-cut filter tips and a built in rolling tray with and easy fold design and elastic band to top it all off. They really thought of everything with this sweet set up, named the “Leader of the Pack” and we can see why!

RAW Organic Help papers are the standard setting brand when it comes to rolling papers, but thats not all. They are also much healthier for you! They are 100% organic and chlorine free. Also incredibly thin with a built in crisscross pattern to insure the slowest burn possible. It gets better! Less paper equals better taste and less paper smoke in your lungs… Kind of a no brainer.


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 9 x 4 x 3 cm


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