RAW – Classic Shredder Bud Buster – 2 Piece


Brand: Raw


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 2.5″


The RAW Classic Shredder is a lifesaver!  Designed to not only grind but to fluff your stuff as you shred for the perfect consistency to roll up in a RAW Paper.  Made from American-made Aircraft Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy, the RAW Classic Shredder is high-quality and battle-tested.  This “die-hard” RAW Shredder also comes with a PTFE washer so you can grind just the way YOU want.  A true classic!

The RAW Shredder uses the most well-proven designs for its teeth and operation.  Sometimes classic and old school is the best way to ensure the most reliable & efficient cuts, shreds, and grinds.  RAW Shredders use a classic, strongly proven notch-tooth design with angle enhancements and edge bumps to push material from the edges back into the center shredding area.

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