Grav Labs – “Upline Spoon” Hand Pipe 5″


Brand: Grav Labs


  • 5″ Long
  • Triple Restriction
  • 100% Borocilicate Glass


The Upline Spoon carries through the iconic aesthetic of the Upline Brand. The trio of restrictions, similar to those found in the percolators, creates added surface area, redirecting smoke airflow through the flute, cooling and ash catching every hit. The ergonomic mouthpiece and carb are both signature accoutrement of Micah Evans as the designer making this our go-to daily driver for the smoker on the go.

GRAV pipes are the best on the market. Our borosilicate glass is beautiful, easy to clean, and safer to smoke from than any other material. GRAV products connect you to a community of enthusiasts and a company that cares. With designs for every preference, function, budget, and style, we’re proud to build pipes for the people.¬†Our iconic brands and prolific designs appeal to consumers of every age, sex, budget, and walk of life. We have built partnerships with artists and companies all over the world, and we work each day to make our field more professional and imaginative. Our dream of creating a household name is within reach, and we are dedicated to crafting the perfect piece for every member of the GRAV family.

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 cm


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