Elements Zirconium Concentrate Nail

Brand: Elements


  • 14mm Zirconium Crucible
  • 18mm Zirconium Crucible
  • 14mm Hard Anodized Rig Collar
  • 18mm Hard Anodized Rig Collar


Elements just keeps them coming, I swear they never run out of ideas. The Zirconium Concentrate Nail is said to be the best concentrate nail on the market right now. Move over titanium, because zirconium is where its at. It is mile ahead of its titanium nail counter part. Last three as long and heats twice as fast, saving you money in lighter fluid and lighting time. This kit is designed to fit concentrate rigs for both 14mm and 18mm configurations.

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 cm


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