D-NAiL – Quartz HALO


Brand: D-Nail



A new take on the highly successful design of The SiC HALO made with machined quartz. This is the first nail to feature the new D-NAiL Wik Surface. Previously seen only on our sapphire inserts, the Wik™ surface is a texture that distributes your essential oil around the dish surface. This results in faster, more even vaporization and eliminates the need to season the dish. Completely interchangeable with The SiC HALO – uses all the same bases, carb caps, inserts, and other accessories!

Compatible ONLY with D-NAiL Flat Coil Heaters. Dish must be used with a nail base, and is compatible with all D-NAiL V1 series bases, the NEW D-NAiL Slim Series, as well as the Highly Educated InfiniTi. Choose “Dish Only” only if you would like to use a compatible nail base that you already own. Several nail base options are available. To use this nail for convection-based vaporization, pair it with our sapphire insert (InfiniTi/SiC size) – the insert rests securely on a shelf just above the hot quartz surface.


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