CVault – Storage/Curing Container – 8 Sizes

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Brand: CVault


  • Stainless Steel
  • 2-way Humidity Control
  • Airtight
  • Multiple Latchs
  • Includes Boveda Humidipaks


Being able to pack a fresh bowl, or just store your medicine is extremely important. In no way do you want your coveted stash or grow to become frail, tired and worst of all “no longer potent”. And as you already may know, much of the natural elements that initially grow your weed can actually destroy your weed once harvested.

Well, here at CVault we literally have engineered the best solution for storing your weed. Gone are the days of translucent mason jars that let light through and don’t keep the exact humidity for your growth.  The CVault containers were designed for long-term use, and when we talk about the long term we are talking as long as 6-8 months or more.

That’s right, we want weed storage containers that last for the long haul, and that not only offer great storage but also are not impervious to light and air. And with an awesome design for a container, we exclusively designed these containers to work with the specifically engineered RH packs that put just the right amount of humidity and freshness into your weed. Meaning that the days of “guess how to store your weed” are gone.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 cm

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