Cheech & Chong – “Original Stoners” Beaker 15″


Brand: Cheech and Chong Glass


  • 15″ Tall
  • 14mm Joint Size
  • Collectors Item
  • 100% Borosilicate
  • Ice Catcher


Original Stoners wrap is a great wrap for those who like to honor their favorite comedy duo and have a great collectors piece of smoking equipment at the same time. Part of a 3 piece collectors series wraps featured on an original beaker style bong. Glass on glass pull out bowl and sturdy thick glass bottom and neck. As well a built in ice catcher for those cool smooth tokes.

Cheech & ChongĀ one of the worlds most beloved comedy duos continues to keep winning our hearts over. They have teamed up again, this time to bring you Cheech & Chong Glass. Since the 1960s these two crazy cats have been touring, making albums and endless movies, skits, you name it! But now they have a new passion. They are here introducing you to one of the best and unique pieces of glass smoking art you have ever used. Every thing has a story behind it, these pieces are no different. Every piece is named after one of Cheech Marin & Tommy Chongs timeless works of comedy. All pieces of Cheech & Chong Certified glass is 100% quality borosilicate glass and come with a certificate of authenticity and it own Cheech & Chong tie dye carrying box.


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